A guided marketplace for all your purchasers.

Simplify your purchasing process by centralizing it. All the products your company needs to operate in one place, with the guardrails in place to ensure compliance.

Order integrates the many steps, stakeholders, products, and antiquated processes of how a business handles purchasing into a single streamlined experience. What was once chaos is now a catalyst for growth.

Your company, your products

Ensure purchasing compliance by giving your team one curated, pre-approved catalog to make all of their purchases from. And make recurring orders as simple as one click with saved product lists.

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Save on all your products

Unlock over $4 billion in purchasing power when you shop with Order and make sure you always pay the lowest prices for your products.

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Guardrails for your purcharse

Take total control of your company’s spend with customizable budgets, workflows, and approvals down to the location, user, or GL code level for total purchasing peace of mind.

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All your data, smarter decisions

Create, customize, print, export, and e-mail financial reports that contain line-level spend data on anything you purchase. Cut out the noise and start making more informed decisions.

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Your partner in growth

No matter where you are on your company’s journey, we’ll work with you to define and reach your goals, ensuring Order becomes a key pillar in your company’s growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I upload bills and invoices that are not paid through Order?

Yes, all invoices and bills can be uploaded to Order ensuring you can see all of your spend and have a full audit trail in one place.

What payment options are available on Order?

Order clients have three options available to them: continue paying each vendor directly, paying a consolidated Order bill, or utilizing Bill Pay. If you like the terms you already have with a vendor, great! Keep paying them directly. With Consolidated Billing, you pay a single Order invoice across all vendors via ACH for no fee or with a credit card for a fee of 2.9% to free up cash flow. For any invoice or bill you’d like to pay, simply schedule a payment and Order will draw the money from your bank account and remit payment in the correct form based on the vendor’s preference.

Who can I pay through Order?

In short, you can pay all of your vendors, service providers, and subscriptions on Order. If there is an invoice to be paid, you can do so on Order. We make it possible to control all of your company’s spend on one platform.

Simplify today so you can anticipate tomorrow.

Sarah Richman

Operations Manager, Soulcycle

“One platform replacing dozens of vendors sites… the purchasing process became much, much easier.”