All your spend, one invoice.

Imagine a world where you only process one invoice. Order makes that a reality. Stop wasting precious resources processing hundreds of invoices and get back to focusing on what your company needs to grow.

Eliminate your manual AP process with integrated payments. Payments are automatically coded, so your accounting team can breathe a sigh of relief.

Your Accountant’s Dream

All your purchases, one weekly or monthly invoice, paid on your terms. It’s that simple.

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Vendor Management Reimagined

All your favorite vendors are on the Order network. Streamline your AP processes by paying Order instead of each vendor individually regardless of what payment method they accept.

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All the Data You Need in Order

Automate your AP without sacrificing any level of detail. Order gives you perfectly coded spend data — down to the location, user, or product level — that you can easily export into your accounting system of choice.

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Pay the Best Price

Order leverages its buying power and vendor relationships to get you the best prices possible.

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One Invoice

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spend data

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Frequently asked questions

How does Consolidated Billing Work?

With Consolidated Billing, Order becomes your vendor of record. Instead of paying all of your vendors individually, you pay Order. Receive only one consolidated invoice per day across all your purchases and pay via ACH for no fee at all. Or, choose to pay via your credit card for a 2.9% fee. Also, explore options to further consolidate your payments by receiving weekly or monthly invoice consolidation. All invoices, regardless of payment method or cadence are perfectly coded with line level detail.

Will Order disrupt my existing vendor relationships?

Absolutely not! You dictate how you want your vendors to be set-up in Order. Our software can either complement your existing vendor network by fulfilling orders where you prefer and through our vendors for cost-savings on the rest, or replace it entirely. You get the best of both worlds by linking your accounts to Order.

Does everyone qualify for consolidated billing?

Everyone is immediately eligible for Consolidated Billing on a pay as you go basis. This unlocks all the benefits of Consolidated Billing – fewer invoices, additional savings, perfectly coded spend, multiple payment options – for daily purchases. Pending approval, clients can unlock extended net payment terms and receive consolidated Order invoices on a weekly or monthly basis.

Simplify today so you can anticipate tomorrow.

Charly Williams

Charly Williams, Solid Core

“Without Order and consolidated ordering we would not have been able to open the number of studios we have today.”