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What is Accounts Payable Automation?

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation enables companies to automate vendor payments, consolidate invoices, and consistently order essential products—without a hitch. Accounts Payable Automation streamlines AP processes by ridding companies of the manual, antiquated product purchasing and vendor payments system—ensuring purchasing confidence and invoice organization. 

Why is Accounts Payable Automation important?

With an automated AP system, companies simplify their entire P2P process. AP automation saves companies the headache of unorganized payment lists; automation provides relief from the constant worry of timely payments, assures expedited reordering of essential products, and consolidates unorganized vendor invoices. 
In regards to an Accounts Payable process, it’s imperative that companies ask themselves: 

  • How can I automate my AP process?
  • How can I eliminate errors in my purchasing process?
  • How can I save my business money by using automation technology?

Implementing Accounts Payable Automation is paramount in your company’s success; AP Automation is paramount in instituting greater purchasing, payment, and invoice control—saving your company valuable time and money.  

How can AP Automation help my company succeed?

Knowing what Accounts Payable Automation is and why companies implement it is one thing, but how does AP Automation help your company thrive?
Here are 4 ways Accounts Payable Automation significantly impacts your company:

  1. Increases Cost Savings—Time is money; AP Automation eliminates the need for manual purchasing and allows for employees to dedicate more time to other operational needs.
  2. Consolidated, Error-Free Purchasing—No more mistakes; automating your accounts payable process allows you to make fast, systematic purchases—free of manual ordering mistakes.
  3. Fosters Vendor Relationships—Your word is your bond; you rely on your vendors as much as they rely on you. Automated payments rid you of the stress of overdue or incomplete payments.
  4. Eliminates Overordering—Pay only for what you need; AP Automation allows for purchasing control and consistent awareness of every purchase order.

Accounts Payable Automation gives you autonomy over your company’s entire P2P process. If you are looking to streamline, consolidate, and organize your company’s purchasing and payment method, implementing AP Automation is a must.  

How has Order’s AP Automation helped companies thrive?

Order’s Accounts Payable Automation allows for companies to scale their operations by eliminating the tedious process of approving purchases and manually paying invoices.
ZeroCater struggled with invoice management and payment control. IT and Operations Manager Keith Bowles reveals how Order transformed their P2P process by providing an organized platform to monitor purchases and automatically pay vendors. Bowles emphasizes how automatic payments and invoice control saves ZeroCater employees valuable company time; he states that keeping track of invoices and payments was “the bane of [his] existence”, taking “one to two business days a month” to organize their invoices and pay vendors. By automating ZeroCater’s accounts payable system, Order revolutionized their AP process while cutting their number of invoices by over 50x—giving them instant purchasing visibility and providing full spend control.

What Order offers:

We provide your company with a streamlined P2P process. 
Order offers you the ability to pay vendors automatically, organize and consolidate invoices, and gain total control over your company’s entire accounts payable process. With accounts payable automation, you never have to worry about manual purchasing errors or late vendor payments again. 
Give your company the gift of an automated AP process. Schedule a demo with Order today!