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Order, the leading spend control platform for businesses, today introduced the full release of Smart Checkout. This suite of features is designed to help provide companies with the data and controls needed at the time of checkout to make more informed purchasing decisions, saving them valuable time and money. The new product offering includes Substitution Preferences, Stock Visibility, and Shipping and Fulfillment Preferences at the time of checkout.


Purchasing across multiple vendors hurts companies at every level and department of the organization. This problem is exacerbated by existing purchasing solutions where purchase orders are created with no knowledge of stock availability or shipping costs. With this launch, Order becomes the only purchasing solution on the market to do two things: inform users of stock data before a request for a purchase order is even submitted (without requiring a user to check manually or punch out) and automatically source and fulfill orders to best meet their shipping and fulfillment preferences.


“We’re incredibly excited to release Smart Checkout. Not only will these features be very valuable to purchasers generally, but they are particularly beneficial now as supply chains are disrupted and the availability of products and reliability of shipping are poor due to COVID-19,” says Order Co-Founder and CTO Tom Jaklitsch. Existing clients who have tested the features also agree and see the immediate benefits. “Smart Checkout allows my teams to forecast any product delays they may incur if we aren’t able to find a quick replacement as opposed to finding out at the point of purchase” says Hart, the Senior Facilities & Operations Manager at West Coast Fitness, “It allows me as the administrator to plan ahead instead of playing catch-up.”


Substitution Preferences


Purchasers using Order can automatically set preferences to substitute the product for the same or better quality alternative for savings, better shipping, or availability. Order’s platform, with a database of over a quarter-million products, will opportunistically substitute products to best meet their needs.


Stock Visibility


With the new Stock Visibility feature, users can now see product stock availability directly in their catalog and in their cart. Purchasers will no longer waste their time (and their approver’s) submitting an order for approval only to later find out an item is out of stock. Stock availability data comes from Order’s entire purchasing ecosystem, giving businesses access to a much larger network of data than is accessible on their own.


Shipping & Fulfilment Preferences


Shipping & Fulfillment Preferences give users the ability to wield the Order platform to automatically choose the most optimal products and vendors for them. For example, companies can use this to specify a max lead time for an event to ensure on-time delivery, or to reduce expenses by setting limits on shipping cost.


To learn more about Order, please visit Order.co.


About Order


Order provides one platform to place orders, control spend, and remit payment on one powerful, easy-to-use platform your employees will actually love to use. Order sets itself apart from other spend management platforms by being customer obsessed and data obsessed – we adeptly deal with the hassles of purchasing so that businesses don’t have to.