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At Order, our goal is to give clients one simple, easy-to-use platform to manage all of their company’s spend. Today, with the launch of Subscriptions & Services, we are taking another big step towards achieving this goal. 

With this new feature, clients can track and manage all of their subscriptions and services, get 3-way matching of these requests, and receive contract management functionality all on the Order platform. Not only can the Order platform now handle more types of spend, but clients can also leverage data on this spend in real-time to make better purchasing decisions.

Tracking Subscriptions and Services

Track all active and historical subscriptions and services, including the cost, relevant locations and users, vendor information, licenses, and contract information. From generating a purchase order all the way through payment, this process can now be managed entirely on the Order platform along with all of your physical spend and bill payments. 

3-way Matching

Receive true 3-way matching functionality of requests for subscriptions and services. Clients can easily confirm that all requests made match the services received or performed as well as the invoices coming in for payment. This information can be leveraged in real-time to make better purchasing decisions and never pay for something that shouldn’t be, and record vendor quality to make better decisions on the next purchase.

Contract Management

Users have the ability to upload unlimited documents and receive notifications to review contracts (with historical information of vendor performance and invoices) before they are automatically renewed.

As our product continues to develop, we could not be more excited to provide clients with the only truly end-to-end spend management platform on the market and be the only solution they need to control all of their spend and help their company grow. Be on the lookout for more exciting news related to new product features in the coming months!


If you would like to learn more about how Order can help your company, click the link here to schedule a demo.